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At-Home Spa Kit: Holistic Facial
At-Home Spa Kit: Holistic Facial
At-Home Spa Kit: Holistic Facial

At-Home Spa Kit: Holistic Facial

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Transform your bathroom into the ultimate at-home spa with everything you need for a holistic facial.

This At-Home Spa Kit contains:

  • Floral facial steam (makes 2)*
  • Customizable Mud Mask (choose from Pink Perfect & Protect and Deep Clean Green)
  • Rose quartz gua sha mushrooms (set of 2 in custom storage pouch)
  • 5-step holistic facial instructions

*Exclusive to this kit

    Floral Facial Steam

    These deeply nourishing body oils sink into your skin quickly, providing protective antioxidants and amazing moisture. The result? Silky smooth, healthy skin that radiates wellness.

    Ingredients: lavender*, rose petals*, calendula flower*, chamomile*, comfrey leaf* | *ORGANIC

    Customizable Mud Mask (comes with use instructions)

    Pore-perfecting clays coupled with hydrating marshmallow and aloe, and infused with powerful fruit and herbal extracts. No unnecessary fillers or preservatives – just purposeful, active, skin-loving ingredients.

    Dry mask formulas can be customized in a number of ways – mixed with water, rose water, hydrosols, aloe, honey, or yogurt – depending on your skin’s particular needs at any particular time.

    Pink Perfect & Protect Ingredients: rhassoul clay, kaolin clay, French pink clay, rosehip fruit*, aloe vera leaf, hibiscus flower petals*, marshmallow*, papaya fruit extract, pineapple fruit extract, mango fruit extract, sweet orange essential oil*, ylang ylang essential oil* | *ORGANIC

    Deep Clean Green Ingredients: French green clay, bentonite clay, kaolin clay, aloe vera leaf*, oat*, gotu kola*, marshmallow*, cucumber peel extract, green tea extract, olive leaf extract, tea tree essential oil*, lavender essential oil* | *ORGANIC

    Rose Quartz Gua Sha Mushrooms (comes with custom cotton storage pouch and use instructions)

    Gua sha is a traditional facial massage technique that uses gemstone tools to relieve tension in the muscles of the face, boost circulation, and encourage lymphatic flow and drainage for healthy, clear, more youthful looking skin. It's even been dubbed the "Eastern Facelift."

    Note: Gua sha facial massage should NOT be practiced by those with Botox or injectable fillers, or pregnant women (as certain pressure points should not be stimulated during pregnancy).