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All of Mother Nature's goodness

Skincare products lovingly handcrafted in small batches with Mother Nature's most precious ingredients to support naturally glowing skin and a healthy body within

Spotlight: the Beauty Blends

Which of the Beauty Blends is right for YOUR skin?


My skin is extremely sensitive and any over the counter products would just add to the acne after a while so I was so excited when I found your oils!! They changed my skin and my confidence.

Malinda, Beauty Blend No.2

“I’ve been using your face blend for the past 10 days and wow… I’ve tried so many brands, well-known and expensive ones and yours has been the most transformative!”

Melanie, Beauty Blend No.1

“After trying other oils in the past I was worried this would leave my skin shiny and greasy feeling but it absorbed so quickly. My skin has seriously never looked better.”

Sarah, Beauty Blend No.3

“I have had a lot of issues with my skin and after using Beauty Blend No.2 for one night I feel and see a remarkable difference.”

Hannah, Beauty Blend No.2

You have created a miracle in a bottle!! Beauty Blend #1 is golden! The smell is so wonderful! I deal with really dry skin all year long but it is definitely way worse in the winter, as SOON as I rubbed that wonderfulness all over my face it was SO soothed!

Alma, Beauty Blend No.1

“I purchased your face oil a few weeks ago – the one for oily/blemish prone skin and I am LOVING it. It has reduced redness from my blemishes and even some of my acne scars in just a few weeks.

Bekah, Beauty Blend No.2

I’ve been using it for less than a week now and my husband has complimented me every morning and said my skin looks brighter! He may also be threatening to steal it from me so now I’ll have to order him one too!

Alma, Beauty Blend No. 1


I'm Nadia — formulator, maker, and founder here at Body Unburdened. Yep, I wear all the hats! But most of all, I love crafting effective and safe skincare products, and connecting with my beautiful customers.